New Puppy Checklist – Part 1

It's about that time. Pups are heading to their new homes. We put together this checklist of things we've found helpful over the years and we personally use on our dogs. We don't get any compensation from the products we recommend on this page. Crates & Bedding Kennel/Crate - Dogs like kennels! You're pup may take some time to get used to it (though all our pups have some level of crate training before they leave), but in the long run, you'll both be much happier with a dog that has a [Read More]

6 Week Puppy Update 2015

About a week late. I had this post typed almost done last week and didn't quite get around to finishing it. That's July in Alaska for you. The pups are doing great. They were wormed this week (every two weeks) and got their nails clipped. We've also been checking on teeth and ears when we handle the puppies. We've had a lot of visitors, which is great for socializing the puppies. They are all so outgoing. One of our new owners dropped off some food for us to try and we love it. It's from [Read More]

Ruby x Joe Litter Whelped 6-11-14 Photos

[Read More]

5 Week Puppy Update 2014

The pups are 5 weeks old today! They seem so grown up to us, but our visitors comment on how they've never seen puppies so young and small. We've had a lot of changes since our last update. The pups have moved into a new pen that has a separate sleeping and potty area. They also have a large play pen attached, where we feed them and socialize them. We've had lots of visitors of all ages. My favorite was a 6 year old. She declared all the puppies "adorable", insisted that she hold each one [Read More]

Puppy Update 2014

The pups are almost thee weeks old. It's hard to believe how much they've grown and developed already. Their eyes and ears are open (they are born with them sealed shut). They are starting to vocalize more. We're starting to hear grunts, growls and barks in addition to the whining/mewling we've been hearing since birth. They are gaining strength and starting to use their back legs more. They've taken to exploring their surroundings. They've starting playing with each other and it's a lot of [Read More]

Brittany pups for sale – Ruby and Joe’s litter 2014

Our most recent litter of Brittany pups was whelped on June 11. We've got a great mix of females and males and both colors. Order for pick of the litter is based on the date we receive your deposit. Contact us today to reserve your puppy. Both dam and sire are proven hunters and the sire is an accomplished field trial dog. Pedigree information on is available on request. [Read More]

Brittany pups for sale 2014

We have 5 pups available out of our December 25th litter. The pups are currently 2 1/2 weeks old. Their eyes are open and they are starting to walk. They will be available for pick up in time for Valentine's Day . We will be shipping pups sometime after Feb. 19. Contact us today to reserve your pup! [Read More]

Brittany Pups Whelped Christmas Day 2013

We got an early start at our house on Christmas Day. Copper started whelping pups early in the morning and 9 new Fraser Brittanys made their debut. Ruby has been very interested in all the new noises and smells at our house. Henry knows what the sounds and smells mean, and is steering clear. He must remember how sharp those puppy teeth can be. We've already gotten a couple of deposits, so contact us if you are interested in a pup. We always register our litters with the American Kennel [Read More]

Christmas Brittany Pups on the way 2013

We're excited to announce that we've got a litter on the way. We're expecting pups on Christmas Day and they will be ready for new homes around mid-February. Check our testimonials page to see some of the pups from our past litters. Visit with our dogs to learn more about the dam (Copper) and sire (Henry) and to view their pedigrees. Contact us today to learn more about securing your pick of the litter. [Read More]

Gun Dog First Aid – Cuts

Cuts, or lacerations are common in hunting dogs. They're often running in heavy cover and barreling through barb wire fences, so it's important for you to know how to treat these injuries in the field. The first step is to flush the wound with clean water, to rid it of any debris and to give you a chance to evaluate the damage. We carry squeeze style water bottles in the field (the added pressure of the squeeze can help irrigate wounds) and saline solution in the truck. After cleaning the [Read More]