2020 Summer Litter

We're pleased to announce that we've confirmed Ruby's pregnancy and are expecting pups the end of this month. We've bred Ruby with, Cooper, a stud we've used in the past. Both dame and sire are proven hunters on Alaska game birds. They also both travel outside to hunt pheasant, quail and chukar. Ruby - Dam Cooper - Sire Order for pick of the litter is based on the date we receive your deposit. Interested in a puppy? Please complete our puppy questionnaire. Ruby Pedigree [Read More]

2019 Litter Announcement

Litter of Brittany puppies

We're happy to announce Ruby whelped a litter on 3-5-19.  We bred Ruby with Flint which resulted in a lot of liver and white puppies. Both Ruby and Flint are proven hunters.  Order for pick of the litter is based on the date we receive your deposit. Interested in a puppy? Please complete our puppy questionnaire. See more pictures and video on our Facebook page.    Pedigree information is available on request.  [Read More]

2017 Spring Litter Announcement

Ruby, female brittany in Kansas

We're pleased to announce we'll be having a litter this spring - approximately May 11.  We've bred Ruby to a great liver and white stud, "Rex". Kansas T-Rex, or Rex, works on a hunting preserve and hunts almost daily. He's got fantastic lines (including Nolan's Last Bullet and McCandless Titlest Driver).  Order for pick of the litter is based on the date we receive your deposit. Interested in a puppy? Please complete our puppy questionnaire. Pedigree information is [Read More]

Copper x Henry 2016 Litter Update

If you've been following us on Facebook, you've seen how fast these pups are growing. Every day they are learning new things and it's so fun to watch. We're currently working on: sit (it's a little challenging with nine "students", but they are getting the hang of it) coming to a  whistle meeting lots of different visitors kennel/crate introduction Soon we'll be showing them the doggie door. Shortly after that, time in a kennel by themselves. Here's some recommendations we [Read More]

Fraser Brittany Litter Update

Copper whelped a litter of 9 pups on 3/19/16.  We had a visit from our vet earlier this week for a health check and to take care of dew claws and tails. The puppies and mom are all in good health. She's got her work cut out for her over the next couple of months. We have 5 males and 4 females. Henry is the sire. He is registered with both the AKC and the American Field Dog Stud Book. Copper is AKC registered. We've registered the litter, so you can register your puppy if you [Read More]

Testimonials from Ruby’s last litter

The puppies from Ruby's litter last summer just turned 1. We received some great photos and notes from our Facebook page and via email.   Just wanted to show you what a beautiful dog Reba Ruby has turned out to be! Can't believe she is a year old already! She has been such a joy - she has been out on our lake boat, road on a quad, and has traveled all over with us since we got her last August. Oh, and when we take her to play days at ABC in Fairbanks, she often gets to play [Read More]

Puppy Nipping

Puppies explore their world by mouth. If you've got a puppy at home, you've undoubtedly removed a variety of items from their mouth, including your fingers and toes. When they are with their litter mates, puppies play by wrestling and nipping each other. It is natural to them to play with their humans in the same way. But what puppies don't know is how sharp their teeth are and how much those nips can hurt! Other dogs and litter mates teach puppies when they bite to hard by stopping play. If [Read More]

Potty Training your new Brittany puppy

Potty training is one of the most frustrating parts of owning a new puppy. Young puppies haven't developed bladder and bowel control and often give little to no warning that they are getting ready to eliminate. We've worked with some basic crate training, which helps puppies develop a "den instinct."  Puppies don't want to soil their den, but they don't immediately recognize that your whole house is their new den. Here are some of the top things you can do to make house/potty training your [Read More]

Think like a puppy

The pups are heading to new homes. It's exciting for everyone and a big change too! We encourage new puppy owners to think like a puppy. It takes some time for your new pup to settle in. For his or her entire life, they've been surrounded by 9 other puppies. Their mom (and grandparents) have been there. The same 2 people are caring for them. Sure they've had visitors and played with kids, but for short amounts of time. Everything is new for your puppy. While we try to expose our pups to as [Read More]

New Puppy Checklist – Part 2

Here' the second part of our new puppy checklist. Again, we don't get compensation for any products recommended on this page. Grooming Brushes - We use a couple of different brushes on our dogs. For regular grooming, we use a natural bristle brush. We recommend brushing your dog once per week, more often if they are spending a lot of time in the field. Regular brushing has a couple of advantages. First it helps keep dog hair out of your house. Secondly, it's bonding time with your puppy. It [Read More]