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6 Week Puppy Update 2015

About a week late. I had this post typed almost done last week and didn't quite get around to finishing it. That's July in Alaska for you. The pups are doing great. They were wormed this week (every two weeks) and got their nails clipped. We've also been checking on teeth and ears when we handle the puppies. We've had a lot of visitors, which is great for socializing the puppies. They are all so outgoing. One of our new owners dropped off some food for us to try and we love it. It's from [Read More]

Ruby x Joe Litter Whelped 6-11-14 Photos

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5 Week Puppy Update 2014

The pups are 5 weeks old today! They seem so grown up to us, but our visitors comment on how they've never seen puppies so young and small. We've had a lot of changes since our last update. The pups have moved into a new pen that has a separate sleeping and potty area. They also have a large play pen attached, where we feed them and socialize them. We've had lots of visitors of all ages. My favorite was a 6 year old. She declared all the puppies "adorable", insisted that she hold each one [Read More]

Puppy Update 2014

The pups are almost thee weeks old. It's hard to believe how much they've grown and developed already. Their eyes and ears are open (they are born with them sealed shut). They are starting to vocalize more. We're starting to hear grunts, growls and barks in addition to the whining/mewling we've been hearing since birth. They are gaining strength and starting to use their back legs more. They've taken to exploring their surroundings. They've starting playing with each other and it's a lot of [Read More]