Gun Dog First Aid – Cuts

Cuts, or lacerations are common in hunting dogs. They're often running in heavy cover and barreling through barb wire fences, so it's important for you to know how to treat these injuries in the field. The first step is to flush the wound with clean water, to rid it of any debris and to give you a chance to evaluate the damage. We carry squeeze style water bottles in the field (the added pressure of the squeeze can help irrigate wounds) and saline solution in the truck. After cleaning the [Read More]

Foot Pad Injuries and Treatment

Our brittanys are hard charging dog all year long, but during hunting season, we notice it even more. Their hunting drive is so strong, they often come out of  the field with injuries. We often encounter briar and cocklebur patches, and the dogs don't hesitate when they scent a bird or are on a retrieve. Paw pad injuries are not as common as you would think, but they do happen. So you notice your hunting dog limping in the field, what do you do? First inspect the foot and pad. Is there a [Read More]

Nail injuries – torn and split nails

Toenail Injuries in Hunting Dogs Toenail injuries are very common in dogs. All dogs, not just hunting dogs. A dog can just as easily tear a nail on the carpet or a chain link fence as he can in the field. Dog nails are very sensitive (just like our own), especially when there has been a trauma that exposes the quick, the area that contains the blood vessels and nerves. Often times, torn or split nails heal well on their own. It pays to keep a close eye on them as intervention can be [Read More]

First aid kits for hunting dogs

Hunting season will be here before you know it, and now is a good time to check out your dog's first aid kit and make sure anything you used last year has been restocked (or get one together if you don't have one). There are several pre-packaged first aid kits for sporting dogs, but you can also make your own kit. A good hunting dog first aid kit should at least include the following: Gauze First Aid Tape Sports Wrap or Ace Bandage Tweezers and needle nose pliers Toenail clippers [Read More]