Copper x Henry 2016 Litter Update

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve seen how fast these pups are growing. Every day they are learning new things and it’s so fun to watch.

We’re currently working on:

  • sit (it’s a little challenging with nine “students”, but they are getting the hang of it)
  • coming to a  whistle
  • meeting lots of different visitors
  • kennel/crate introduction

Soon we’ll be showing them the doggie door. Shortly after that, time in a kennel by themselves.

Here’s some recommendations we have for new owners.

  1. Shop your local thrift or second hand stores for old towels or fleece blankets to use as crate bedding.
    • We don’t recommend putting a bed in your pups crate until they are farther along in the crate training process. It offers a washable (and, if needed, disposable) option.
  2. Get a smaller crate.
    • Or use plywood or plastic to make a big crate smaller. Puppies don’t want to soil where they sleep, give them to much room, and you are inviting trouble.
  3. Start puppy proofing – or at least thinking about it.
    • We’ve never had one of our Brittanys chew up a pair of shoes. A big part of that, is we didn’t give them opportunities to chew on shoes as a pup.
  4. Check your houseplants.
    • Some common house plants are poisonous to dogs.
  5. Decide on a common language.
    • If you have multiple family members in your house, think about what words or hand gestures you want to use for commands. It will help the puppy learn quicker, if everyone is using consistent commands.
  6. Find your vet.
    • If you don’t have a vet already now is the time to do your homework. Very shortly after going home, your pup will need booster shots.
  7. Find a puppy kindergarten.
    • You can certainly train your pup by yourself, but we always recommend going to some classes with them. You’ll learn new ways to communicate with your dog. You’ll practice your new skills in between classes. Your puppy will have a chance to socialize with other dogs in a safe setting. They will also learn to pay attention to you when there is a lot of distraction. Check your local options (as well as the vaccinations and age requirements).
  8. Ask questions.
    • We’re here to answer questions about your new pup. Don’t hesitate to ask us.


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