5 Week Puppy Update 2014

The pups are 5 weeks old today! They seem so grown up to us, but our visitors comment on how they’ve never seen puppies so young and small.


We’ve had a lot of changes since our last update. The pups have moved into a new pen that has a separate sleeping and potty area. They also have a large play pen attached, where we feed them and socialize them. We’ve had lots of visitors of all ages. My favorite was a 6 year old. She declared all the puppies “adorable”, insisted that she hold each one and said she never wanted to leave the pen.

At 4 weeks, the pups got their second dose of wormer. We also started them on “puppy gruel.” We use the blender to mix puppy chow, milk replacer and warm water. They love it. They are still drinking mom’s milk, but we are starting the weaning process. We’ll slowly start blending the food less and less and adding less water. By the time they are ready for their new homes they’ll be eating dry food and completely weaned.

We’ve also started exploring outside and playing with toys! This on is a hit, it crinkles when you play with it and the pups love it.


New owners have started choosing their pups. We do still have some pups available and as soon as everyone has chosen their pups, we’ll be posting photos of the remaining pups.

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